Estelle  Good


Dear Friend,
      My name is Estelle Good, and I have had a childhood of abuse that crosses boundaries of not only personal tragedies, but continues into my adulthood with public opinions of those who knew nothing of the truth. It is my daily prayer that I can help those children who are currently living my nightmare, and stop the destructiveness that has devastated my life, from destroying theirs.
    During the first 27 years of my life there has been many concerns that have affected it. I have been a high profile individual as well as my family, in dealing with the atrocities done to me and my brother’s and sister’s. During my ordeal, as a child and young adult, I have paid a terrible price at the hands of not only my parents, but at the incompetence of a Legal System·
     I thank all mighty God that I’m able to continue my life and never forget those extraordinary people like you I have communicated with along my difficult journey. You have given me so much strength.
     With help from a very few close friends, I started to live my life at age 27. In taking control I have learned how much that support has meant. In 1999, I received my certificate of Hospitality, Sanitation and Safety Training, Food Preparation Training, Virtual Hotel Training, and Customer Service Training from Cuyahoga Community College. I also received the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Overview of the Hospitality Industry, and the International Food Safety Council Certification. But, in 2004 I entered the home Health Aide Field by receiving my Home Health Aide and Home Heath Care Provider certificate from Medlink and the American Heart Association. In June of 2005 I graduated at the top of my class from Canton Adult Community Education in Administrative Office Technology. I have dedicated my life to continuing my education and educating the public about the early signs of child abuse, and establishing a non-profit organization for the abuse of women and children. 
As I begin my new journey, I want to share my experiences in our new book (The Broken Vase), which will share with you what its like to be an abused child. It has taken years to write due to the mental anguish of revisiting the past, but will enlighten a reader to the inside world of the abused, the signs of abuse, and the long hard road to recovery. This will be available soon. 
      “ On October 23, 2005 my very good friend Mr. Russell Reed Jr. who founded the Russell Reed Foundation and I were publicly recognized by Ms. Rosa Parks Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama.( The goal is to help rebuild a sense of fairness and community for our divided Nation. It is your chance to join me in an exciting Education Program designed to inspire fair play and stop the pain of intolerance".