Dear Friend,
My name is Russell Reed Jr., founder of the Russell Reed Foundation, which can help large groups of women and children who have been challenged by some type of mental, physical, or sexual abuse. As a former Law Enforcement Officer working at one time for two different Police Agencies for over twelve years, I have seen my share of abuse cases. Nothing could have prepared me for Ms. Estelle Good and her life story. When I met her in June of 1998 while working for a specific police agency, I experienced first hand how women are affected by the child and sexual abuse. Instead of looking at her as a problem, I looked at her as a God-ordained opportunity to help her regain her life back as much as possible and help her to seek out her dreams. Through motivational intervention, well-being awareness, and along with real-life skills, Ms. Good is following her dream to date. With her intervention into my life, I founded the "Russell Reed Foundation" to continue helping women and children in re-enforcing that they are not just victims but survivors, and assist in their continuation of living a normal life. I am currently laying the foundation of a supportive system to work in unison with the current overworked child abuse system. Ms. Good and I have been on the Leeza Gibbons show and the Dr. Drew show via telephone. It is my goal to continue my life helping others who may also have experienced some type of abuse and need to communicate that to another who understands. Abused children as well as those who are now adults, must remember that they all are survivors of some parents abnormal behavior and that they should try and seek the help necessary in understanding and coping with everyday living. Even if its just having someone to talk too, to share with, and who have endured the same fate and can relate to your pain. 

Russell Reed Foundation for Abuse of Women and Children
The website is an interactive one for:
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2. Abused Children
3. Fund Raising
4. Law Enforcement Agencies
5. Counseling, Teaching and more….
Her story is one of not only courage, but one that I believe can reach millions of women who share the pain of abuse. St.Petersburg, Florida could become the home for such a program. Would you please help a dream come true in making a generous tax-deductible donation or gift to the Russell Reed Foundation through PayPal, Network for Good, GuideStar, and Charity Navigator or make checks payable to Russell Reed Foundation Community Center, Inc. 360 Central Avenue-Suite 800 St.Petersburg, Florida 33701-3984 or email 
On October 23, 2005, I was publicly recognized by Ms. Rosa Parks Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama. ( The goal is to help rebuild a sense of fairness and community for our divided nation. It is your chance to join me for an exciting Education Program designed to inspire fair play and stop the pain of intolerance."