Visions and Goals  

New buildings to houses, develop, and implement current and future programs: 

  • Develop and implement current and future programs
  • Secure Grants and other forms of Charitable Acquisitions
  • Aggressively seek capital and secure it for future growth
Emphasize job training education and small business entrepreneurship:
  • Double R Service-Auto Detailer-Project
  • Executive and Professional Protective Services Security Academy-Project
  • Area Wide Protective Traffic Control Specialist Flagger-Project
  • Russell Reed Foundation Entrepreneur Business Outreach-Project 

 Develop housing programs that include home ownership:

  • Work with Habitat for Humanity on Home Sweet Home
  • Work with Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Metropolitan Housing Authority programs
  • Research opportunities for abused women too acquire new homes

Develop a child placement and protection program including adoption:

  • Work with Jobs and Family Service
  • Acquire whatever prerequisites that are necessary

Develop, implement and manage a law system:

  • Seek advice from Local, State, and National establish lawyers
  • Involve, educate, and respect the local, state, federal law system

Develop and establish an abused women nursing home:

  • Seek education, training, and management skills required

Develop a comprehensive referral system:

  • Seek agreements with other Local Agencies to provide a higher priority to our referrals.


Establish a funeral home for abused women and abused children:

  • Partner with Ms. Joan Parks to make arrangements for special care

Develop an eye, dental, and medical clinic:

  • Seek advice from Dr. Susan Post-Metro Health and Dr. Carolyn Levers –Landis-University Hospital to recruit local and statewide doctors
  • Establish an Insurance Plan to be recognized Nationally

Institute an aggressive education program:

  • Provide GED training, reading advocacy, and K-12 grade tutoring seek assistance from Universities and Colleges or similar institutions
  • Reserve a wide range of volunteers from the community to fill needed areas

Establish a transportation system:

  • Secure buses, vans and other multi-passenger vehicles
  • Establish a revenue approach to pay for the driver, insurance, maintenance and vehicles and rent out vehicles for large social getaways

Provide abused women and children with spiritual guidance:

  • Establish a spiritual foundation for worship guidance and ceremony
  • Provide a spiritual leaders for our clients who would like to follow God’s teaching
  • Seek spiritual advice from Pastor Robert L. Miller-Trinity Worship Center

Provide an advocacy program to reduce the number of abused women in jail:

  • Observe other organizations with similar goals and develop a customized program
  • Let it be known that the program assists, and exists
  • Develop partnership with attorneys that will work toward our goals
  • Record and track when, where, and why our citizens are being incarcerated and establish preventative programs or alternatives to incarceration

Provide abused women with a positive image:

  • Seek beauty techniques advice from master beauty consultant Maurice Kennedy
  • Seek awareness, motivational, and well being advice from motivational speakers Russell Reed Jr, Thomas Beavers, and Edward Russell Jr.