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Posted by Bert C on 13-Aug-2022 at 16:05:42 EST
Subject: Been very grateful

Help with me with my new job when I needed it and been here for me since I meant the RR foundation in early March Thank you

Posted by Lisa C on 13-Aug-2022 at 16:03:20 EST
Subject: Very thoughtful and thankful

Very helpful and beautiful people. They helped my son with a little care package for a new job without asking. Thank you for the help and great advice

Posted by George Santos on 23-Jul-2022 at 13:42:26 EST
Subject: Russell Reed Foundation “ Free Safety Giveaway! “

Dear Russell Reed Foundation: Thank you very much for the safety equipment that was donated to my business. Now because of your donations of microban, supply aid hand sanitizers and K-95 safety masks. My workers and I feel more safe doing our jobs. We also commend you on the work of your foundation. The love, hope and encouragement you provide to so many is very needed. Keep up the good work!

Posted by Charlette McCloud on 16-Jan-2022 at 11:40:42 EST

Greetings, Happy New Year my friend. Its been 2 years on 1/4/22 that I relocated home to PA. I no longer teach as I am my mothers live in caregiver days. I am focused on starting a Non Profit like you. I took notes and never forgot what you showed me. Can you contact me so we can refresh and catch up on your life and mine. Looking forward to taking to you.

Posted by Cathy on 19-Dec-2021 at 23:20:53 EST
Subject: Thank you!

Thank you so much for the sanitizer supplies! As the pandemic wears on and on it was a much needed donation. It is much appreciated!

Posted by Kuzma Family on 09-Dec-2021 at 18:40:20 EST
Subject: The gift of cleanliness

Thank you Russel Reed Foundation for providing our family with what we needed most during this ongoing pandemic. Don't know if and when this will ever end but as our supplies dwindle, here you are giving away sanitizers and antibacterial spray. Thank you again!

Posted by Larry and Lori Muiter on 20-Jul-2016 at 08:09:16 EST
Subject: Computer Donation

We would like to thank Russell Reed himself just an absolute wonderful person. The computer donation was a godsend to our family.Our youngest son was struggling in school,when we received the computer. He is now on the merit roll at a 91% GPA. Thank you so much without the computer it may have been a rough start into high school. God Bless You Larry and Lori Muiter

Posted by Patrlcia Fincher on 20-Jul-2016 at 08:05:08 EST
Subject: Computer Donation

Thank you very much for the computer that was donated to my family. We really appreciate it. lt is helping my son improve his schoolwork. He has a handwriting handicap and his teachers have allowed him to type all his homework assignments and this had become an issue because we didn't have a working computer in our home. Now thanks to your donation ftom your foundation, my son's grades are going to improve in school and now both my son and daughter can learn computer skills both for school and the future. Thanks for all your help.

Posted by Russ...its Mike from Hertz on 20-Jul-2016 at 07:37:59 EST

This is the website we were talking about on Friday which comes out of the UK...anyway hope you and Wayne aren't working too hard today being Sunday, I'm off to another thrift store....see you later. Mike

Posted by Joann Acoff on 19-Jul-2016 at 10:52:12 EST
Subject: Russell Reed Foundation

Thank you very much for the computer you gave me and my children, we are so very grateful.