There was a man sitting alone,

Looking as though he had no home.

There he was bent and old,

Bowed in a box, sheltered from the cold.

I couldn’t just pass him by.

So, I stopped to help; I had to try.

He raised his head, looking at me,

And on his face, I could see

The glow of joy, to my surprise,

And wisdom in his aged gray eyes.

He said, “Sit down, Son! Lend an ear.

Relax awhile! I’m no one to fear!

Let me share a few words with you.

And, if you don’t mind, I’ll take a chew.”


He pulled together his tattered coat,

Leaned back and cleared his throat.

Intently watching me, as though my life he read,

Gazing upon each line, this is what he said,

“Don’t waste your time looking back,

Getting drunk on wine and high on crack.

What’s behind you except the past?

Take wisdom from it and raise your glass.

Give a toast to things well done,

The bittersweet and the fun.

Then,  forge ahead to lifes’s success.

For,  just ahead is, yet the best.”


Many years have passed since then.

But, I’ve not forgotten my old friend.

And as I place these flowers, now, where he lies,

I know that good never dies.

For, living is in all that you give.

And success is measured by how you live.


Copyright © 1995